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Windshield Snow and Ice Removal Tips

Clean Your Windshield Carefully during Winter If You Want to Avoid a Visit to Your Local Auto Glass Shop

A job as trivial as removing snow and ice from a windshield can have dramatic consequences if you’re not too careful. The added stress on your auto glass from the freezing temperatures can lead to cracks or fissures. As we all know, new windshields don’t come cheap, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are several tips and tricks that may help you better understand the importance of using cautious when defrosting your windshield. Failing to take these tips seriously may lead to the need for a visit to your local auto glass shop.

The key element

The most important factor in windshield ice removal is time. Many people rush into scraping the ice off their windshields before the glass has time to warm up. Due to extremely low temperatures, glass becomes very fragile and more prone to shattering. So, if you want to protect your windshield, allow it time to warm up before you start working the ice off it.


The best way to avoid windshield damage due to ice and snow is to prevent it from freezing in the first place. The ideal situation would be to park your car in a garage or covered area. However, since this is not always an option, then at least cover your windshield with a window cover. This will reduce the chance of frozen water on it.

Removal techniques

  • Make sure that no snow or ice is blocking your tailpipe. A blocked tailpipe can lead to carbon monoxide leak inside your vehicle.

  • Applying heat on a frozen windshield is not a very good idea. Start your vehicle, direct warm air towards your windshield, and set your fan to “low”.

  • Allow at least 5 minutes for the glass to warm up.

  • Once the ice starts loosening up, use a plastic scraper and a brush to remove it from the windshield.

Mistakes happen, and it doesn’t take much for a windshield to crack due to improper removal of ice buildup. If this is the case, then you should bring your car to a specialist who can perform the needed repair. Angel Auto Glass is one of the best auto glass shop in Carrollton, TX. We offer quality products and reliable auto glass services. Call us at (972) 370-5737 for more information.