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The Types of Glass You Can Find in Our Auto Glass Shop

The glass used in the windows of your home is very different to the one used in the windshield of your vehicle. It is designed to be harmless when it brakes, so when the safety glass used in your car windows breaks, it will not shatter into sharp and dangerous shards like the ones used for residential glass windows. On this page, we will explain more about the types of auto glass we, at Angel Auto Glass, use in our projects.

Tempered Glass

This type of auto glass is single-ply, but it is treated by heating and then rapid cooling. In the event that the window breaks, it does not shatter into dangerous shards but rather into numerous harmless pebble-like pieces that do not have sharp edges. We usually use this type of glass for all the windows, except for the windshield.

Laminated Glass

Back in the 1920’s, the industry took two sheets of glass and stuck them together with a sheet of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between them. With the help of the high temperatures used on this “piece.” the laminated safety glass was born. This type of glass is specially designed to take a heavy impact without shattering which eliminated the possibility of people being injured by flying pieces. The technicians in our auto glass shop in Carrollton, TX usually create windshields using this type of glass.

Both types of auto glass are used extensively in the industry, but they can also be used for any application where there is the possibility of impact by a person. For example, many shop windows are made from laminated glass and lots of baking dishes, sunglasses, and cell phone screens are manufactured with tempered glass.

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