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Have You Noticed a Small Chip on Your Windshield?

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Most car owners will have at one time or another sustained a small crack in their windshields. Windshield cracks can happen when object are sent airborne and collide with a windshield. This can occur when a vehicle is actually being driven, or when it is parked. Fortunately, there are a few options available when it comes to

windshield crack repairs

. Some can even be fixed by yourself, however, the bigger cracks will need a professional mobile windshield repair company to repair them.

Your first choice is sealing the crack yourself, this can only be attempted when the crack is very small, no more than 1 – 2 inches. You can get everything from any auto repair store. There are even kits which are specifically designed for this kind of auto glass repair job. Tell the shop you have a crack in your windshield and they will direct you to all the kits they have in stock. Look over each kit, as some will need mixing compounds and have very specific instructions on how to use the sealing compound.

Another option will be to take your vehicle to a facility which deals with these type of repairs. This is usually your only option when the crack is too big. There is a good chance hairline cracks are already starting to spread, which will result in serious issues later on down the line. An auto repair service will have equipment to check the crack and know exactly what to do.

Even though you feel confident enough with your ability to repair your windshield, bear in mind it does not hurt to speak to a professional first. Should the repair be sorted out with an over the counter sealer, then every reputable dealer will advise this to you. Also, at the same time, when the crack is over a certain size, there is every chance a professional will advise you that repairing it will be fruitless, and you may have to completely replace your windshield.

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