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Getting to Know More About Auto Glass Damage

Common Issues That Requires an Auto Glass Repair Service Provider

More than just adding to the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, auto glasses keep us safe and secure, especially when driving in long trips. Once it gets damaged, never repair it on your own as it can cause abrasion and skin cuts. Instead, look for auto glass repair shops near you. If you are not familiar when is the right time to repair your car’s glass, here are facts you need to know about the different glass damage:


It is the most common glass damage that you will see in your vehicle. It is usually in the form of crooked lines and sometimes stretches from one end over the other. Cracks are easy to repair given the fact that it does not exceed twelve inches. But if it does, you might have to start thinking about your options to replace it.


Chips happen once a solid object hits the auto glass. It is typically dart-like in shape with cracks branching out from the point of impact. They weaken the structural integrity of the auto glass since they penetrate deep down to the innermost layer, which is why you need to bring your car to an auto glass repair shop. Chips are repairable only if it does not exceed the size of a tennis ball.


The smallest and easiest auto glass damage to repair. There are a lot of products available nowadays in auto shops that you can use to effectively remove glass scratches. You are not required to bring your car to a repair shop, but if the damage is too deep that the scratch remover will no longer work, have it checked by an auto glass specialist.

These are the three issues that you will usually with your car’s auto glass. If you are looking for a reliable auto glass repair shop in Carrollton, TX, Angel Auto Glass is the company you can trust. To know more about the services we provide and our rates, call us today at (972) 370-5737.