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Are Their Different Kinds of Glass an New Auto Glass Service Uses?

Want to Know the Right Type of Glass Is Being Used in Your Car?

Auto glass service providers use 2 kinds of new auto glass, they are safe and tempered glass. Tempered glass is usually installed within the side and back windows and is put through a specialized process, where it will be heated and then rapidly cooled. Laminated safety glass is used primarily in windshields, and so are 2 sheets of glass that have a thin sheet of vinyl in between. This will be heated and then pressed together inside an autoclave. Both kinds are stronger and more resistant to impact than normal glass. When tempered glass is hit, it shatters; however, it goes into small pieces which have no sharp edges like standard glass does. When laminated safety glass is impacted, it also will shatter however, the shattered pieces will stick to the vinyl and not fall.

In an auto accident, the vehicle’s glass is sometimes damaged and will have to be replaced; however, this isn’t the only circumstance when replacement will be called for. Gravel or small stones kicked up on the roads will also result in chips or small cracks in a windshield. And over time, the vehicle’s vibration will mean the crack will expand. In some regions, driving with a damaged windshield is an offence.

Motorists could be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to have their windshield replaced. New auto glass replacement specialists do this daily, and some even come to your home or business. The molding and cowl will be removed first, and the damaged windshield will be removed. Any old adhesive is cleared away. Once done, new adhesive will be applied to the groove which keeps a windshield in place, and the new one will be installed. The cowl and molding are then replaced, and the whole process takes around an hour. You will also be advised not to drive your car for at least an hour, this gives the adhesive time to cure.

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